Diversity in Footwear. Established 2020. Diversity in Footwear. Established 2020.

About CORRE Seattle

CORRE | Designer owned footwear focused boutique in Seattle.

Corre: Spanish verb meaning “run”

Definition: 1. to go rapidly or hurriedly 2. to go without restraint 3. to move on or as if on wheels 4. to roll forward, pass or slide freely.                                                   

To us “CORRE” is synonymous with energy, forward movement and the fluid grace with which boundaries and barriers are most successfully hurdled. It is the culmination of our Latino heritage, our business ideals and the most literal interpretation of what the right footwear can equip you for.

We encourage people to dress with intention. We are passionate about introducing original and distinguished footwear to the world and seek to elevate and showcase brands that do just so, both in Seattle and globally.

CORRE founders Luis G. Vélez and Shadia K’David find inspiration in their shared Colombian heritage, seeking to showcase both high profile and diverse brands.


For inquiries, contact us at shopcorre@gmail.com or (206)-620-1809.